Walker's of South 40

Tennessee Walking Horse

Sunday, June 26, 2011
Come and join us for a great day of riding, challenging obstacles, great awards, and fun time with old and new friends.

Feedback from
1st Annual Touch of Class
Competitieve Trail Challenge

Thanks to you and all your most excellent help for a great day at Lily Glen yesterday. It's like the most fun a person can have on a horse! Lily Glen is just a great place to ride too. All the folks were exceptionally nice and the 4-H youth were quite professional. Everyone should be very proud of them and you too. I thought the course was excellent. I hope you do it again and I hope I will be able to attend. Thanks again.
Gale & Lila-Jane

THANK YOU, for putting on a super fun event! We will be there again, hopefully with a lot more training under our girths.

Of all the events that I shot this was the most fun that I have had (really). I went over expecting to be treated like the guy with camera but instead was welcomed in and treated like one of the group. Most competitions are taken so seriously that smiles are very few and far between.It was a real pleasure to see so many happy people having so much fun. Thanks for all your hard work and I hope you will do it again next year.
Bob Lown, Photograher

Feedback off website

On the Pre-Ride Briefing:
Kristy was thorough and very welcoming

Very professional
Very good job!
impressed, 4H state qualifiers!! Nice.

Ride Awards:
Very generous for the ride awards

What was good about this ride that you would like to see continue?

Lovely location. Very friendly. Wish I could have arrived the evening before to take in BBQ and practice obstacles.
Excellent location. Great staff.
All of it! I`d love to do this again
The location was perfect for riding, and the camping was great, 
Staff was helpful and very friendly, nice group of folks.
Very competent organizer. She knew her stuff!

2nd Annual
Lily Glen Equestrian Park
The VERY large Rescue the Pooch! Obstacle!
The Corrals
Ready to Ride!
The Morning Ride Briefing
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