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Al and I have been married for 25 years.  We have two daughters Kayla, 22 and Rachel, 14. Both are horse crazy and Kayla would like to be a veterinarian, She is attending college and works at a vet clinic.

I have 39 years of experience with owning horses, and working on various breed ranches including Arabians, Morgans,  Paint and  Quarter Horses.

I have owned Tennessee Walkers for 32 years. 
In fact my first walker, Bo, was a rescue and when the farrier came out I told him this horse doesn't trot he laughed and said that's because he is a Tennessee Walker.  Bo had such heart and a get up and go attitude with the smooth gait that I knew all I would ever want from then on was a walking horse.

I looked, did research and read everything I could get my hands on for two years about Walkers, then I found Danny.  What a blessing he has been and I thank God for sending him to me.  He has taken me to places I could only dream about. 

I am very fortunate to be able to live where I grew up.  It is very rare to go to town and not see someone that we know.  But with living somewhere all your life comes responsibility also.  If you cheat people or abuse horses it gets around.

I would  like to thank the people who have been an influence in our lives:
Al, for all the weekends traveling to shows, 4-H events and the money to do it.
My Mom and Dad, Frank and Ramona Kiser there dedication to each other was so inspiring and I hope I can live up to there example. I dedicated my Title of Horse of the year to my Mom who fell was paralized, ventilator dependent until she passed away October 30, 2008.  They were at the show when I got my first blue in a riding class and there when we were last in the class.
To my 4-H Club for keeping me busy and the fun times we have had and those coming in the future.
Ramona & Frank Kiser
Walker's of South 40
Al & Kristy Artman
3370 Brophy Road
Eagle Point, OR 97524
  A great group of people who are a lot of fun to show with. We also belong to TWHBEA
I was looking for a way to give back to my community and my oldest daughter had joined 4-H and she said Mom you could be a 4-H leader and the lightbulb went on.  I have been a 4-H Leader for going on 10 years now.We have served on the Horse Leaders Executive Board and I was just re- elected superintendent for Jackson County. I went into it to give back but my 4-H kids and their families have been a blessing to me.  I call them all my 4-H family because it is so much more than just horses it is the memories that we are all creating together.  They keep me on my toes and because of them I am always learning so I can keep ahead of their growing minds! 
4-H is a big part of our lives.   We truly believe that it is an excellent program for teaching life skills, and turning children into productive members of society.
Receiving the 2009 4-H Leader Spirit Award
 We have won this award for three consecutive years
A Touch of Class Equestrians 4-H Club 2008 Sportsmanship Award Winning Club.
A Touch of Class Equestrians 4-H Club
2010 Herdsmanship Award Winners
2009 Best Club Display
A Touch of Class Equestrians 4-H Club 2007 Herdsmanship Award and Best Club Display
As of April 2013  I am an  4-H Judge.  I passed my written exam with a 99.53%
Knowledge is power and I enjoy learning and putting this knowledge to work for the youth.  I am very excited to have made this accomplishment!