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This is the page where we have our clients testimonials and pictures of their horses.  Also Information and links that you may find of interest.
This is the birth of Fabio, we were so lucky that Mom decided to have him at 1:30 in the afternoon and to video the birth.  This is how they are suppose to arrive in this world.
Congratulations! He's an awesome horse. You're very lucky to have him in your life.
Nancy Harding, FOSH Director at Large,
Judge licensed by IJA, KMSHA/SMHA and UMHA.
After judging Danny and hearing he had won horse of the year.

Where do I begin... When I purchased my TWH Maverick, he was a mess. He did not know which foot went in front of the other. He could walk and pace, that was it. Kristy was very patient with him and taught him how to gait with ease. He has a beautiful running walk and can canter too. Her patience and kindness help build his confidence, nothing was done with force. Plenty of thanks to Kristy for her hard work and love for the horses. Cheryl & Maverick
I am so proud of you! Congratulations You have made her in to a "real horse" and we both know how hard that was. You're doing a great job, Kristy--  Dorinda and Topaz. Tennessee Walker
This is a link to The calculator which will give you the possible offspring coat colors and their probabilities when given the parents coat color and pattern information.
Through progressive slave driving techniques, she taught us balance, posture, responsiveness, alertness, and to always be in tune with and control of our humans.  traiture [=training torture]
Commanche, Spotted Tennessee Walker
and Starbuck Tennessee Walker
I Love Clients with a sense of humor! - Kristy
After reading your training schedule, I can see why Danny is such a nice horse. I think Inde has that potential.
I am proud and honored to be associated with the Artmans....you help make what the horse experience should be. Thanks again for all you are doing with Inde...now you just have to work with his "mommy" so she can get trained too!
Karen and Inde, Tennessee Walker
You've really helped with my confidence as well as Lena's. Our working together with Lena has been a wonderfully rewarding process and I'm so thankful to have you next door! And, to think that it was only last spring I contemplated about whether or not I should keep her! We've come a long ways in a short time.  
Cindy and Lena, APHA
I wanted to let you know that we are doing very well, thanks to you! I can hear her hoof beats really well and can tell that she holds her   4-beat gait almost all the time now! She still sometimes tries to get lazy and pace, but not nearly like she did before. Heading back to camp we were going so fast that I had to almost hold on to stay in the saddle. I've never been on a horse going that fast...and it was a WALK!!!
Thanks for everything you did.
Jaime and Pud, Tennessee Walker