These are all sons and daughters of Bum's Threat's Supreme. 
We now have offspring in three states.
The mares are so important in the dispositions and conformation of the foals that we pick the mares we breed to carefully.  We have turned mares away that we feel, in our opinion, shouldn't be bred because of inheritable defects. 
Walkers of South 40

Tennessee Walking Horse
The Youngsters of South 40
Copy's Threat's Supreme
Blue was born February 12, 2004
He is our first born son of our stallion and this mare.  He won NWPTWHA Reserve Champion Halter Weanling.
He is a nice moving colt.
A Threat of Autumn
Autumn was born October 8, 2005.
She is a very calm and easy going filly.  She  has so much overstride at her flat walk you feel like your riding a slinky.
We called him Friday, don't know what his registered name ended up being.  He was sold when 10 days old.  He was born May 25, 2007.  Exceptional bay colt with 3 socks and a blaze.
A Copy of Bum's Delight
Born October 3, 2007
A Sorrel with a flaxen mane and tail.  Already has a champion title. 2008 Jackson County Fair Mare/Foal Breeding Program Champion.  Excellent conformation with overstriding gaits and looks to add to the package.  See him growing on the for sale page.
Can we add your foal to this page?
We offer an incentive program for the foals out of our stallion.  We will pay the entry fees in halter and model weanling and yearling class.  We have confidence in the offspring that they will be competive in the show ring.  For details call or email.
Walker's of South 40
Al & Kristy Artman
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Eagle Point, OR 97524
(541) 292-0175
A Saurons Supreme Threat

A Filly
Born April 10, 2009
A half moon on her forehead is the only white.
Chestnut color, flaxen mane & tail
Stays in gait, no trot or pace 
She shakes her little head off.
A Threat of Autumn
Copy's Threat's Supreme
A Final Bum Around
Born January 10, 2010
A Bay Colt with just a white star.
Has a look at me attitude with a long loose walk.
​A Filly Born April 23, 2010
This mare was 19 years old when she gave birth and this is her very first baby!
Some thought this wouldn't be possible but I believed we could get her in foal and we DID!
This is also our first California baby.  Congratulations to everyone!
Copy's Threat's Supreme
A Copy of Bum's Delight
A Saurons Supreme Threat
A Final Bum Around
Glimmer  (registered name pending)
​A Filly Born June 22, 2013
This mare was 23 years old when she gave birth.

Solid Black with one hind sock​​
A Loose gaiting unbelievable  gifted filly.